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Terous Misr Foundation for Development is the owner and organizer of this event and it is a non-for-profit organization registered under number 624 on 15/07/2012. Terous is the catalyst coordinator for development efforts that aims to become the development gateway in Egypt and to promote the optimal use of resources for Egypt to reclaim its civilization and strategic position. Its mission is to develop and provide innovative tools and solutions to achieve impactful value-added partnerships.

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The fingerprint is our very own individual brand which we were born with, each one of us is unique in different ways, from our physical features to our education,experience, skills and knowledge. In life, we all have something to offer to our communities, our fingerprints become our legacies in the world. such legacies, that we will engrave and leave to the next generations should be, meaningful,expressive, with a brilliant added value to the world we live in.

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Many organizations, government entities, private sector and nonprofit organizations, face a common challenge - the gap between what needs to be done and what is actually done. This gap is commonly referred to as the “Execution Gap” and represents an organizational issue that is difficult to overcome. Governments and organizations face many challenges in today’s turbulent economy. Because of several reasons, a gap in understanding, performing, and executing their strategies most often occurs.
This is translated into unwanted costs, lost opportunities and failure to execute.
Most organizations do not suffer from a shortage of ideas. Many come with creative ideas and solutions to make their products and/or services faster, better or more profitable. However, these ideas and plans are only the beginning.

Execution and implementation of these ideas and plans to transform them into reality to foster results is the hard part. While there are many conferences, workshops and research on strategies and strategic thinking, hardly anyone address execution in the same way. In order to understand executable strategies, we are holding this year’s summit to feature a cross sectional view of all aspects related to execution, from obstacles, bottlenecks and gaps that prevent proper execution of strategies to untapped opportunities that will amplify development efforts in all fields.
We will learn from thought leaders and experts who will participate in the conference, report the insights concluded and together we will reach recommendations that can support each and every organization that will be pivotal to their performance and results.

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